Santa-Ana de Velasco (Chiquitos) is among the missions created by the Jesuits in the XVIIIth century, and is today listed on the World's Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO. The global project of restoration was achieved through international financing (Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland).
Within this global project, the restoration of the organ was led by the Centre International des Chemins du Baroque de Sarrebourg : l


Technical description

The instrument is a 4 and half Blockwerk. It was practically intact except for the pipework and the bellows which had totally disappeared. Its 45-key keyboard was re-veneered with morado, a local hard wood.

We re-used the 2 bellows remaining from the now vanished organ of the San-Rafaël mission. These 2 bellows were quite rudimentary, with a whole cowhide on each side. We restored only one of the two, which is now being used as a reserve. However the 2 bellows are placed side by side.

The pipework was re-made with 75% tin. The sizes and the composition were supplied by the windchest. The diapason is 440Hz. The pressure is 70mm.

Prestant 4' / Montre 8'
Quinte 2'2/3
Doublette 2' / Prestant 4'
Quinte 1'1/3 / Doublette 2'
Rank 1 (break back at C3)
Rank 2
Rank 3 (break back at C3)
Rank 4 (break back at C3, double at A3)

One will notice that there is no 8' in the bass, the organbuilder counting on the 4' and 2'2/3 for obtaining an 8' resultant.