photo François Berdoll


  the Jean-Claude QUINT organ


9 stops organ

all the pipes are built of wood


The following reflects our thinking on the design of this organ :

Organ literature often requires large instruments in big rooms. Successfully performing this literature on a small organ in a small room is a rare event : the brilliant stops are too loud, unless they are emasculated ; low pitched stops are impossible to fit into the room, and so on...

We are attempting to surmount these problems in this instrument with timbres voiced for a living-room. Wood pipes seemed to be the answer, as in our successful experience with the organ at Honfleur (ND de Grâce). There, the 2' Doublette, entirely built of wood, produces a full rich sound, yet without shrillness or agressiveness.


Grand-Orgue Positif Résonnance Pédale
Montre 8'
Prestant 4'
Plein-Jeu 3r
Bourdon 8'
Flûte à cheminée 4'
Doublette 2'
Flûte à cheminée 8'
Régale 8'  
Soubasse 16'

Tirasses GO, POS, RES
Accouplements POS/GO, RES/GO,RES/POS

Sound excerpt : MP3 (586Ko)  (0mn 49s)
JS. Bach : Wer nurden lieber Gott lässt walten
organist : Jean-François FREMONT
Sound excerpt : MP3 (588Ko)  (0mn 50s)
D. Buxtehude : Ach Herr, mich armen Sünden
organist : Jean-François FREMONT
Sound excerpt : MP3 (449Ko)  (0mn 38s)
N. Bruhns : Preludium en mi mineur
organist : Jean-François FREMONT


Disque TAMOS 
Un orgue à la maison
Sweelinck - Frescobaldi - buxtehude - Bach - Bruhns - Mendelssohn - Brahms - Alain - Delplace
organist : Jean-François FREMONT